Linked Gateways / Reflectors
Module Linked to
A unlinked
B unlinked
C unlinked
D unlinked
E unlinked

Remote Users
Callsign User Message Last TX on
ZL1TOB listening
ZL2YZ listening

Last Heard
Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
ZL2TWS MM Siem Amethyst C 2021/04/12 07:26:20
ZL2TWS D M.A.G.A C 2021/04/12 07:24:50
ZL1UBE JIM in Dannvirke, N. D 2021/04/11 22:26:49
ZL2ABC ZL2ABC BRUCE C 2021/04/11 17:37:42
ZL2CHV Brian Upper Hutt C 2021/04/11 17:20:20
ZL2FY M C 2021/04/11 15:35:09
ZL4VV PORTABLE D-STAR C 2021/04/11 12:43:34
ZL2NSA C 2021/04/11 11:56:55

Status as of 2021/04/12 08:42:12